Monday, February 24, 2014

At Not-Quite-Nine

Anya turns nine this Wednesday. She did much of her celebrating this weekend, with a sleepover (best friend) and cupcakes on Friday.  Then on Sunday we took her to the "American Girl Doll" store to buy whatever clothes and accessories she wanted.

The result of all this?  In her room this morning was a setup in which one of her dolls (Amy) was doing push-ups, while her other doll (Anna) literally cheered her on.  Watching was their cute little dog, Meatloaf, and...a Dalek, of course.  The Dalek is purportedly guarding the dog.  (Heidi pointed out that this is not in keeping with Dalek identity, but then again: girl's room, girl's rules.)

Her other favorite toy is the 11th Doctor's sonic screwdriver, which she uses like a pro (video above to prove the point).  

I have to admit that American Girl Dolls--especially in cheerleader outifits--don't exactly thrill me.  In fact, they kind of give me the creeps.  But the fact that this girl combines them with Daleks and sonic screwdrivers?  Gives me great hope for our next generation of women.  Or, at least, this particularly fabulous girl.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Counting My Blessings

Howard and I sometimes discuss how it's easy to be grateful when things are going well, but much more of a challenge to be grateful (and to live in the moment) when all hell is breaking loose.  And this weekend, we're in the latter category.  Our basement is taking in water from the mild-weather thaw.  It's stressful, and even having emptied most of the furniture and getting the carpet ripped up--to be replaced later once new french drains are in and we have a full loop to a sump pump--well, even now the water is still coming.  

At some point this will all be resolved, but honestly?  I have no idea when.  Meantime, life goes on because it has to.  Anya's sleepover early-birthday celebration took place (complete with cupcakes). Furniture is being moved around to minimize clutter and to make it possible for us to work in new spaces.  Sam has been working in the library.  Tea is being made (though the jury is still out on whether I am responding to that yogi tea tag line with hope or disdain).  

So, time for gratitude, huh?  I am so very grateful for:

  • A foundation expert, and our contractor, who both helped us figure out what was going on yesterday without even charging us.
  • Professionals who show up quickly to do their part in resolving (or planning resolution for) these problems.
  • Sam's complete willingness and good cheer about helping empty the basement of furniture and to do whatever he can to be of assistance.
  • Having enough money that we can deal with this. 
  • Anya's sheer joy in having one of her best friends stay overnight
  • Yoga stretches, walks, and hot baths
How do you get through life's challenging moments?