Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgivukkah 2014

Much of my day was filled with cooking and baking. The kids wanted cookies for dessert, so I made sure that at least some of them remind me of this holiday season and made sugar and spice cookies.  Years ago (almost 10 years ago now), my mother gave me a booklet of her favorite (baking) recipes.  Sugar and spice cookies were/are always around my home of origin at the holidays, and they were Dad's favorite cookie in the world.  Even Anya tried them this year and declared them to be good.

Otherwise: we hung out.  We read and watched movies and listened to one of the Harry Potter books on CD by firelight. The kids played with legos--Sam in the morning (he got R2D2 put together in record time, I think) and Anya in the evening.  I knit a little here and there.

There was a time that I felt that we "should" have people over, or go somewhere, for Thanksgiving.  But over time I've come to love and appreciate how we have made this day our own, and how it brings slow quiet into a hectic time of year.  The rest of the weekend we will enjoy the company of dear friends.  For Thanksgiving we had each other, and it was enough.  I am thankful.

Hoping you all had a lovely day too!  What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Following Fall

Life continues at a hectic pace, but (perhaps despite myself) I find myself falling into the delights of fall.  Looking up to see the beauty of trees and sky as the weather slowly and unevenly shifts from crisp to cold. Drinking numerous cups of tea and coffee (in favorite mugs, of course).  Cooking hearty foods like pancakes and root vegetables.  Wondering at how the light in my house changes with the seasons (it catches me every year, somehow).  I am particularly surprised by how these shorter days can, for brief periods, bring more light into my house because the leaves are mostly off the trees now.  

How are you following the season?

Saturday, November 9, 2013

New Old Space

Until this year, we've had a "basement playroom" in the house.  It's gone through a couple of phases in these 10 years, but in the past few years it was not getting much regular use.  In short: the kids were mostly outgrowing "play" space, and they preferred having the "best" toys accessible in their rooms.  

So, this year it was time to refresh and re-think.  The central basement area (our offices are also down there) is now a craft/homework/computer/relaxation area.  There's a fresh coat of paint (love that blue), and a good (expandable!) table for arts, crafts, and homework.  There's a spot for the computer, and a desk for either homework or--should I ever get time to learn--sewing. There's plenty of space for art supplies and games, and still a few toys.  And I have to say: I love having such nice space for yarn and knitting supplies.

The kids weren't sure about this vision of mine at first, but they seem to be taking to it now.  Our final addition of the chairs--comfy, but light enough to move around easily--seems to have cinched it.  

This space has gone from one of my least favorite in the house to one that makes me happy even if I'm just passing through it.

How are you re-envisioning space these days?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Grocery List Strikes Again

Anya has taken, on occasion, to eating raw leaves of red cabbage. We're out, so she's added it to the grocery list with a picture.  

Maybe I'm getting through to her just a little, despite her ongoing love affair with pizza???

What a journey it is with our children...

Monday, November 4, 2013


Today on my morning walk (and waiting for trains on platforms) was the first time this year that the air tasted like winter.