Saturday, October 22, 2011

Some Current Favorites

It's October, so life is rushed.  The madness (that won't be over until mid December) has begun, and my work is literally piling up around me.

Meantime, I thought it would be nice to pause and reflect on some of my "favorite" stuff right now.

1. This photo of Howard. 

2. Anya's book making.

3. The Sisters Grimm, book 6: Tales from the Hood.

4. Dreams of this bathtub.

5. Sam's origami that we hung from the ceiling (that's actually been around for a while, but I find myself noticing it often these days).

The days are exhausting, and I never seem to catch up. But, at least there are a few favorite things that keep lift my spirits from time to time...

What are your favorite things lately?

Monday, October 3, 2011

October in New England

It's that time of year: full-fledged fall in New England.  Is there anything more beautiful?  It is, admittedly, my favorite season of the year.  It makes me think of:

1) Apples and pumpkins and all sorts of squashes.

2) A return to baking: apple crisp, spice breads, wheat bread.
3) Stomping through leaves (make noise!).

4) A cozy house and reading or telling stories.
5) Long walks in brisk weather.
6) Hearty soups and stews returning to our cooking repertoire.

Unfortunately, October is also the busiest month of the fall semester in academia.  That means I won't get to go out for walks, or bake, or snuggle in the house, nearly as much as I want right now.  Sigh.

Still, it is beautiful.

What do you love about autumn?