Monday, August 29, 2011

Then and Now

You know you no longer fit your blue-collar roots when...

1. Your grocery list looks like this:

2.  You have rooms in the house that you don't often use.
3.  Your DIY list stops at things like hanging pictures and putting together furniture from Ikea.  (Actually, that's my husband.  I stop at hanging pictures.)
4. You listen to NPR instead of WBZ.
5. Traveling is a chore rather than a treat.
6.  You hire someone else to clean your house or move your stuff.
7.  Your house has 2 or more bathrooms in it for only 4 people. (I grew up in a 1000 square foot house with 10 people sharing 1 bathroom.)

How has your lifestyle changed from when you grew up? 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

In the Dining Room

I have hated my dining room table for years now.  Well, not hated it, exactly: just tired of it.  The chairs I hated, from the time we got them and the color of them wasn't quite right (we had them stained to "go" with the table).

And then there is the hutch.  We bought it when we had a 19' by 13' dining room to try to fill, and this one was BIG.  Now...though it fit the space, it's just been too dark.

So, one day, as soon as Howard was game, I started plotting a change.  Ikea was central.  At first I had a vision of red chairs.  In the midst of the madness, the dining room looked like this:

Then, I came to my senses.  I found curtains that sang to me.  They also told me to get black and white chairs.  Table decisions and "hutch" decisions followed.  Chairs got changed out because the first set was not sturdy enough.  Boxes had to be put together (Samuel did most of that part).

Now, the dining room looks like this:

I couldn't be more pleased.  It's got a touch of whimsy, and it's so much brighter now.  My greatest surprise, though, was probably how much I love the shelves that show off all my lovely green and blue teapots and serving bowls and such.  I love how they contrast with the light shelves and complement the wall color behind them.  It might seem silly (sometimes it even does to me), but this change sets a new mood as I move about the space in my house.

What changes could you make to be happier with/in your environment?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

In the News

I've been working on something for another post, but it's taking me longer than expected (doesn't everything?).  In the meantime--a recent Samuel creation: The "Daily House."  Enjoy!

What's the news at your house lately?

Friday, August 5, 2011

On the Porch

Our screened porch is an odd shape, the screens have holes in them, and it's in desperate need of repair (okay, it really needs to be torn down and rebuilt).  It's also my favorite summertime spot. It's shaded, with mostly green surrouding me (except for the view I keep at my back).  Every time I go out there, I feel myself relax instantly.  It's one of the most peaceful places I have in this home that I love so much.

I share, then, a few pictures from "my" porch.

What nearby retreat brings you peace and contentment?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mentally Escaping the Heat

As anyone who knows me even a little bit knows, I am not a "summer person."  The heat annoys me, and it leaves me exhausted (and for some reason seems to lower my already-too-low blood pressure even further).  On hot days, I stay indoors and keep as cool as possible.  Alas, no central air here. 

But, after many hot days around these parts--not as bad as the midwest, mind you--I am dreaming of escapes.  Such as:

Frolicking in the ocean.  Cool water and sea breezes.  Sadly, I have to work. Even more sadly, there would be others on the beach, and I don't like sharing.

Cultivating memories of snow.  Remember that first, beautiful storm last December?

Dreaming of feasts.  Lobster would be soooo good right now: juicy, messy, sensuous.  Unfortunately, my spouse is afraid of lobster ("They look like big bugs" he says.  So what if they have an exoskeleton?). 

What gets you through the dog days of summer?