Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mentally Escaping the Heat

As anyone who knows me even a little bit knows, I am not a "summer person."  The heat annoys me, and it leaves me exhausted (and for some reason seems to lower my already-too-low blood pressure even further).  On hot days, I stay indoors and keep as cool as possible.  Alas, no central air here. 

But, after many hot days around these parts--not as bad as the midwest, mind you--I am dreaming of escapes.  Such as:

Frolicking in the ocean.  Cool water and sea breezes.  Sadly, I have to work. Even more sadly, there would be others on the beach, and I don't like sharing.

Cultivating memories of snow.  Remember that first, beautiful storm last December?

Dreaming of feasts.  Lobster would be soooo good right now: juicy, messy, sensuous.  Unfortunately, my spouse is afraid of lobster ("They look like big bugs" he says.  So what if they have an exoskeleton?). 

What gets you through the dog days of summer?


  1. you do realize that as I bitch about the heat of the summer, I will equally bitch about shoveling the damn snow. What gets me through, though, is the beauty of that snow storm (as there is absolutely no beauty in 100000 degree humid day) and knowing that fall is around the corner.

    And they are bugs, dammit! However, you know I would put up with the irrational and insane fear of these bugs if you wanted one. As long as one of the kids stood between me and the damn thing ;)

  2. Delicious, nutritious, sensuous bugs. I'll take one.