Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why I want to be a cat

We have SNOW!  And even though I hate trudging around on streets (why do so few people shovel their sidewalks?), it makes even Quincy look beautiful.  This was our back yard on Monday morning:

During our snowy time, Anya has also discovered the importance of accessories when making food.  That's my girl!

Being housebound for a day or two has also reminded me of some of the reasons that I might enjoy being a cat. 
1.      I could snooze on top of radiators.
2.      If I were a cat, I would  have ears that I could twist around to let people know “I hear you, but I deem you unworthy of my full attention."
3.      Rubber balls, rubber bands, and yarn would be endlessly fascinating.  I would never be bored.
4.      I’d naturally go after anything interesting with gusto.
5.      I wouldn’t have to please anyone.
6.      I could purr.  And hiss.  That would be fun.
7.      I could sleep.  A lot.
8.      I would have an air of mystery about me. 

A few obvious reasons I am glad not to be a cat, despite the many benefits listed above:
1.      Cat food.  (ergh)
2.      Lack of opposable thumbs.
3.      Cat litter boxes.  (ergh again)
4.      Even little children would be big enough to terrorize you. 

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