Saturday, April 28, 2012

Birthday Resolutions

This is Samuel's rendition of me as an old woman.  The thing that looks like a rolling pin is supposed to be a water bottle.  Note that the cane is not long enough to help me to walk--know what that means?  That means that its best use is for me to hit people with it!

On this birthday, I have decided that I should make self-loving resolutions.  Ideas for how I can spend the next year being kinder to myself, as well as to others.

So far, I've got:
  • slow down
  • whenever possible, do what I love
  • pay attention to how my body feels, rather than how it looks
  • make time for frivolity
  • drink more tea
  • be satisfied
  • embrace imperfection
  • have shorter "to do" lists
  • laugh more
  • live like I mean it
  • celebrate middle age
  • stop to notice
What resolutions could you make?


  1. What happened to "drink more espresso"?

    With me, definitely, more patience with those around me, especially the kids

  2. Erin - your resolutions are things we all can be doing to make our life's more meaningful, it is the essence of being in the now and living out our desires. I appreciate this post as I need to be doing all those things in my life better and with abundance.

    Love the picture Samuel drew as well, he knows you very well that you want the cane to hit people rather than assist you with any walking needs. LOL