Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lost Opportunity

He tried to explain that he meant them no harm, that he only wanted to study their ways and learn from them, to help them if he could.  "I come in peace," he explained, with his limited ability to master these human languages.

The townspeople would have none of it. They were wary of any outsider, and this one spoke strangely and looked different.  It came in a freaking space ship, for god's sake.  No way were they going to trust him.  The police put him into custody, the town council deliberated, bringing in local judges.  People waited in crowds outside town hall, determined that this stranger would not sully their town, not endanger their poor impressionable children with what were, no doubt, his barbaric and ungodly ways.

Later that day--ironically, on a beautiful afternoon--the crowd took over and killed the creature.  Put its head on a stick and paraded it throughout town.

And so the human race lost its chance to learn from a culture that could have helped them solve global warming, end wars, and find solutions to dwindling water and food supplies.

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  1. When Mittwit is president, we'll just call this another day at the office