Friday, September 20, 2013

A Day in the Life (perhaps a new theme?)

Last Saturday:

After my usual morning walk, it was coffee in a travel mug and a trip to see my mother in Rockport.  (See all those kitchen cabinets?  My dad built those!)

While there, I had to rip out some knitting...and ended up with a most amusing extra-large skein of yarn.  It kind of looks like a mummy.  Note the ever-present tea cups that always seem to adorn my mother's kitchen table.

The kids also measured their recent growth against Grandma--who used to be 5'4", but at 87 (and after 8 kids) she's now 4'11".

Mid afternoon was occupied with a trip to the grocery store and some work.

The day ended with a novel.  

Some days are just good.

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