Sunday, April 12, 2015

Views from Sunday

It was finally a full on spring day here today. Mild and sunny. The perfect day to have a birthday celebration for my boy, who turns 14 on Tuesday. Cake of choice: chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and whoopie pie filling between the layers. He's a smart one, that Samuel. 

Despite the stress of the semester (sooo much to do), it was a pretty mellow day. Once the cake and groceries were taken care of, I found it easy to fit in a few hours of work while sipping my favorite (Irish Breakfast) tea.  Then it was simple to set up a salad bar to go along with cookout food. Birthday cake and presents followed (and espresso for a few of the adults).

Sam's had a great weekend all around, after a stressful week (MCAS, science fair, and endocrine appointment complete with blood work). In addition to birthday celebrations today, he went to a speed cubing competition yesterday and placed third in pyraminx and second in 3 x 3!!!  His 3x3 average was 9.77 seconds, and his best single solve was 9.51 seconds. He was--is--thrilled.  The other silver lining (from his endocrine appointment) was that his A1C was 6.9--great news! (I know, most people don't know what that means--but, it really is a great number for a kid who grew another 2 inches in the past year.)

So much to be grateful for ...spring, healthy kids, loving family, good friends, meaningful work (even if it does make me crazy).  My plan this week is to remember that each day is a gift. No matter how stressful it may be, or how rushed.  Every day is a gift that I am lucky to have, and to have the ability to stop and enjoy if I so choose.

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