Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Today's Gift

Today had many gifts, of course--a generous colleague who will mail me a reading I need, children who are full of life and love, a devoted spouse, my very breath. But, one thing in particular stands out today...

Howard and I were out for our weekly coffee when a young-ish man walked up to us. He reminded me that he was in one of my upper-division history classes a few years ago. He told me that he wanted me to know that I--and more precisely my passion in the classroom--am the reason that he is a teacher.

I'm not sure that I deserve such high praise.  He, after all, teaches middle-school kids in a not-very-wealthy district. He does more important work than I ever will do.  But his statement was definitely the greatest gift of my day.


  1. It is a fabulous gift you have.
    You have many fabulous gifts that are inside you: your intelligence, your passion for learning, your sense of justice, and your very loyal love. And, apparently, your ability to teach. And someone has to teach the middleschoolers everywhere. How wonderful that you were an inspiration to him.
    I love you.
    PS: check your mailbox in a few days.

  2. Nancy, you're just too kind to me. Looking forward to seeing what comes in the mail! Be well, and perhaps I'll email soon.