Tuesday, March 1, 2011




Anya turned six over the weekend.  It's official: my youngest is no longer a "baby" or even a "little kid."  Now she's officially a full-blown "kid." 

I loved Anya as a baby and as a little kid, but I love her even more now.  So, six things I love about this girl:

1) Anya runs.  Anya hops.  Anya dances.  Anya skips.  Anya marches.  Anya prances.  Anya does not walk. 
2) Anya sings stories to herself as she plays.
3) Anya has taken to electro swing music; we frequently listen (and sometimes dance) to it together.
4) Anya has instincts the likes of which I've never encountered in another human being.  She's my primal child.
5) Anya wants to be a princess, but she has the soul of a roller derby queen.
6) Anya takes snuggling to a new level, and whoever has the good fortune to snuggle with her gets to have the world melt away for a few minutes. 

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