Sunday, March 11, 2012

That Girl


(I love the juxtaposition of the angelic face and the AC/DC tee)


(Yes, that's the same Yoda costume, over six years later)

Anya recently turned seven.  Sometimes I miss the days when she was an entertaining toddler...good heavens, she was adorable and funny.  But, in truth, I wouldn't give up the great stuff going on with her now in order to go back to those toddler days.  Anya is still full of life, still hilarious, still infectious in her enthusiasm.  There is still no one on earth who can bring ease to my soul at the end of a long day like Anya can when she hugs me.  She just gets better all the time. 

Lately, she has been:
1) Taking off with her reading skills.  Suddenly, she is literate!

2) Loving the Ivy and Bean book series (shown above where she is reading while sipping milk out of a cereal bowl).

3) Loving poetry.  One of the photos above is her reading me poems from Where the Sidewalk Ends.  She did so with strong affect (in emulation of her brother, whom she adores even though she squabbles with him all the time), and without being able to stop giggling at some passages. 

4) Constantly looking to see if the labrador that lives up the street from us is out and waiting for her to pet it.  She's trying to talk us into getting a dog now, after years of telling me "no" when I asked if we could have one.  (Apparently, however, we're not allowed until I travel less, because someone I know doesn't want to walk a dog if I'm out of town--and no, I'm not talking about the kids).

5) Sending mail to people...with the expectation that they will send mail back! 

6) Putting herself into some of the most...interesting...outfits that I've ever seen. 

I love you, Sniffles!

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