Monday, November 12, 2012

Three Generations of Amusement

On a walk just now, Samuel did something to remind me of a hilarious story about my mother from about 25 years ago (or more).  I have to share it:

My mother and I went for a walk one day near my sister Pat's old house in Lanesville (which is part of Gloucester, MA).  On one quiet road near a field, we heard noises.  My mother exclaimed "It's cows!  Quick!  Get a weapon!"  And she snatched up a long, thin branch--you know, the kind that waves in a gentle breeze?  I laughed so hard that I think I nearly fell over.  To this day, I have no idea why my mother thought it was cows, let alone why they would hurt us...

Fast forward several years (about 10, probably).  I was in a mall with my sister Kaethi.  We went into a Bath & Body Works shop.  I was looking around, and suddenly--I hear her voice behind me, exclaiming (loud enough for most people in the store to hear): 
"I'm so soft and fragrant!" 
Yet another moment when I had a hard time remaining standing, because I was laughing so hard.

Another fast forward, to yesterday.  Samuel handed Howard and me menus that he and Anya made.  S & A's restaurant.  Prices for appetizers, lunch, drinks, and dessert.  Howard pointed out that this was a bad deal for us parents: not only did we have to go grocery shopping and buy the food that morning, but then we had to pay for it again through the restaurant.  Samuel blushed, laughed sheepishly, and explained that we would, um, be paying for the service.

Oh, and the entertainment: the kids singing to us while they tortured an old play guitar:

...Sadly, they inherited all of my musical "talent."

Okay, so what funny (but innocent) stories can you tell on your family and friends?

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