Saturday, July 6, 2013

House Love: The Kitchen

We recently had friends over for a night in our place in Maine--friends who appreciated this old, crooked, full-of-character house.  So, that got me to thinking: why not do a few posts on parts of this old house that I love? 

Today (obviously): the kitchen.  It's not the most efficient kitchen I've ever had, but it's workable and definitely the most stylish.  Concrete counter tops (that we have to learn how to seal safely for food preparation), hardwood floors, a wonderful pantry (which has much more food in it now than the picture shows), and a stainless-steel six-burner stove.  Love that stove.  And pantry.  

It is a bit awkward that one half of the room contains virtually all of the functioning kitchen (save the fridge), but it is kind of nice to have room for a comfy chair. And the view from the chair (top photo) is one that I always find so peaceful and cozy.  Great place to sit while waiting on something that's cooking, baking, or percolating.

And then, of course, there is evidence on the counter of our coffee habit.  It's a house that fairly demands for one to drink tea, of course.  And sometimes I do.  But: good coffee and espresso are a basic requirement for us in any house.

This kitchen was one of the things that made me fall in love with the house.  It has a gloriously "cottage-y" feel, doesn't it?  Kind of defines the whole house as you walk in.  I saw pictures of it online and was drawn to it, and when I saw it in person it was just as good.  Online pictures, however, did not reveal that the only refrigerator in the place was a wine cooler in the pantry.  Strange juxtaposition with such a fancy stove...!  But, easily rectified with purchase of a full-sized fridge.  

What do you love about your kitchen?  What does your "dream kitchen" look like?

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