Thursday, April 14, 2011

How is this possible???!!!



Hard to believe, but Samuel turned TEN at 7:17 this morning.  In the spirit of sibling parity, I share ten things about my ten-year-old boy on his birthday.

1.      Samuel and I have a weird, telepathic connection—there are many times that he’ll walk into a room and start discussing something I had just been thinking about.  This has been going on for as long as he’s been able to talk. 
2.      Samuel’s creativity never ceases to amaze me (see earlier posts on “Flipping the Night Away,” “Proud Parenting Moment,” and “Art and Life” for examples!)
3.      I love how Samuel can get lost in a book or a building project (such as one made with legos or his erector set) and have the entire world just melt away.
4.      Samuel is persistent.  He learned to wink when he was 3 years old, simply because he would not give up trying until he mastered the skill.
5.      My boy has a good heart and always wants to help, and to make others happy.  See that long hair he has?  It’s because he’s growing it to donate to one of the programs that does wigs for kids with cancer. 
6.      Samuel loves jokes and riddles. 
7.      This child is an interesting mix of junk foodie and healthy eater.  He prefers water over all other drinks (and refuses to drink most).  Loves chocolate, burgers and other "kid foods"--but also loves salmon, and pesto, and fresh fruits.   
8.      Samuel has faced challenges in his short life with bravery and, often, good humor. 
9.      Samuel is always negotiating—or, at least, trying to cut a deal.  He’s good at it, too.
10.  He’s a rule follower who loves reliable routines.  Structure is his friend.  (Interesting how this merges with creativity in the boy…)

Am I the only parent who looks at my kids and still can’t believe that I’m their MOTHER? 


  1. Your son is awesome! He has a generous spirit and I love that about him. He is also very dashing in his new suit!

  2. Oh BTW - a very happy birthday 10th birthday!