Monday, September 5, 2011


I am constantly telling myself that I want to/need to/should (oops, there's that "s" word: should) simplify.  Have less stuff, less clutter.  Yet, it never seems to happen the way that I imagine.  Howard and I have talked about it several times, and again: not coming to fruition.

Recently, however, we just began...doing it.  Working on it one step at a time as a result of our regular coffee talk and life discussions.  So, here are some of the things that we are including under the label of "simplifying."

Saying Goodbye to:
1) Cable beyond the most basic service possible.
2) Internet on our cell phones (I don't use it, he uses it too much).
3) Day/s of the kids' after-school program that we don't really need.
4) Clutter in our bureaus and closets (in process.  Today: the kids' bureaus).

5)  Too many magnets on the fridge.

Saying Hello to:
1) More committed/clear family time.
2) A return to making things (which was on hold for much of the summer).
3) Deeper questions and conversations about what we really want in our lives.
4) Accepting that we'll never be "super simple" in our living. 
5) #5 is a secret...or, if you will, just a plan...for now.

Working on:
1) Too many books.

2) Too many work commitments.
3) Cluttered corners (and still some closets).

4) Internet addiction.
5) Over-doing/over-thinking everything (my specialty in particular).

Our process is far from perfect, but it feels good to be thinking about it concretely and taking some action on our longing for simplicity.  In the end, we decided that it's not just about "having less stuff."  It's about letting go of the un-considered drives to do do do and get get get.  It's about getting rid of things that don't add value to our lives, but also about being willing to add things that  bring true richness to our days.

What simplicity have you embraced?  What difference has it made?

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  1. You know what is great simplification? Retirement ;)

    Seriously, though, this felt so good to do. Getting rid of these things that clutter our lives just makes things so much easier. And, don't forget the comics! Steve (the comic book guy) reminded me I was with him for three decades. ye gods. We should use the savings on a vacation home or something...