Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday(s) Cheer

Somehow, I made it to the 23rd, semester's work done, and we left for Maine that day.  Since then, there's been some activity, some rest.  For today, a post on holiday celebrations.

Of course, we have been lighting Chanukah candles and exchanging gifts:

But we also had a pretty spectacular Christmas, for a household that doesn't "celebrate" Christmas.  We got unexpected snow (about 3-4 inches) that fell in gentle, big flakes most of the day.  We had a quiet, cozy, enjoyable day.

We also made a Festivus pole (look it up, if you don't remember).  I talked the kids into a quick "feats of strength" with the pole itself, rather than arm wrestling.

What were your favorite holiday celebrations this year?

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