Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In MY kitchen

One of the blogs that I often read ( had a post today on "In the Kitchen"...full of holiday baking, winter cooking, and home-grown stores.  So cozy and sweet.

So, what's in MY kitchen?

A mess. 
Remnants of the easiest possible meals we can make while Howard and I are both swamped at work.
Another damned book for me to try to get reviewed.
Wine that's turned to vinegar.
Goyishe art projects that Anya brings home from school.

And, not far away, in the dining room:

Evidence of work in progress.  And, of course, more mess.

Hey, it's finals time and I'm also reviewing job search files.  You were, perhaps, expecting holiday cheer? 

Bah.  Humbug. 

If I make it, alive, to December 23, it will be a minor miracle. 

So, what's in YOUR kitchen?

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