Monday, May 28, 2012

Cutting Back

We arrived at our place in Maine last Thursday night, only to discover on Friday morning that weeds and tall grass had swallowed up the yard.  That's what happens when you're away for a month when the weather warms up and it finally rains.

It rained off and on Friday, and Saturday was too warm for extended time in the sun for this vampiric gal.  So, Sunday morning we--all four of us--set to work to tame the least, as much as our meager talents would allow.  The results:

Admittedly, the yard reminds me of someone with overgrown hair who does his/her own hack job in shortening it: uneven, sticking out in some places, etc.  But, at least it's starting to look like a yard.

I also have a new chair on which I can sit by the front door of the house and view the wreckage--I mean, lovely yard.  And try to clean my still-dirty fingernails. 

The garden has to wait until next year for me to take a stab at it with my black-tinged thumb.  This year I have a book to write, so I won't get around to more than a few pots of herbs on the deck. (Should the deck ever get re-built.  The contractor says he'll come back...)

What challenges are you taking on these days?

1 comment:

  1. Being with the kids. By myself. For three weeks :)

    And, an apt description of the yard. Maybe we will have some green thumbed visitors this summer who will help us whip it into shape!