Monday, June 10, 2013

Measuring Progress

I am in the middle of PACKING, which I hate.  I wrote once about my hatred of traveling in the post Traveling Checklist.  I  plan to panic all week.  

Meantime, I am doing some last-minute work at the Museo de Medicina, where I am finding lots of great stuff in journals there (they have some of the Boletin del Ministerio de Prevision Social!!!--I know, I'm a total nerd).  I'm also thinking back on how much I have accomplished with this research trip, despite unexpected interruptions and distractions. 

I was going to try to count the number of images that I have taken, but that was just way too overwhelming. So, instead I checked the size of my various folders from the trip.  

I have taken enough images to fill 31 gigabytes of space on my hard drive.  Plus I bought about 45 years' worth of Comercio on CD from Cotocollao--that alone is 165 gigabytes, saved on an external hard drive b/c there isn't enough space left in my computer. 

There, I feel better now.  I got a lot of stuff.  Now I just have to find time to read it all... (Of course, Howard asked if I got 30 GB in the past couple of days right after I wrote that, and he rather deflated my mood.)

Hoping to survive the week and the trip back home so that I can wake up in my own bed on Sunday...

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