Monday, June 24, 2013

Simple Pleasures life is all about the little things since my return to the U.S.:
  • novels from the library that I read on the chaise in the evenings
  • knitting on a rainy afternoon
  • cooking with sage again (couldn't get any in Quito--lots of other great herbs, but not sage--and it's one of my favorites)
  • talking with my sister on the phone
  • A tall glass of ice water with lemon on a hot day (although my current obsession is Tazo passion fruit iced tea--finally got some to make for myself!)
  • home made granola from this recipe
  • the coolest, comfiest of sundresses in a heat wave
  • having our sitter come so that we can get out, alone, for a little while
What simple pleasures are filling your life these days?

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