Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Quote of a Quote of a Quote

While re-reading Tony Lucero's "Barricades and Articulations" from Clark and Becker's Highland Indians and the State in Modern Ecuador (U Pitt, 2007), I read:

"Stuart Hall quotes Gramsci's injunction 'Turn your face violently toward things as they exist now,' then continues in his own words, 'Not as you'd like them to be, not as you think they were ten years ago, not as they're written about in the sacred texts, but as they really are: the contradictory, stony ground of the present conjuncture.'"

Tony was writing about indigenous movements in contemporary Ecuador and Bolivia, but this kind of idea is one that I encounter repeatedly these days--in both my professional and personal readings.  Perhaps I read it often before, and it's just sinking in now because I am open to its rich possibilities.  I am working to live on the stony ground of the present conjuncture.

What quotes are you loving lately?

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