Friday, December 20, 2013


Behind me:

Three classes of final exams and papers.  Grades are calculated and Submitted.  Semester completed.

Ahead of me:

Reading books and writing my paper on Che Guevara and masculinity for the AHA, and page proofs for Mothers Making Latin America.  Due January 5 and 7, respectively.  Oh, and the kids are off for the next week and a half while all this needs to get done.  Fun times!

I plan to take the week of January 6-10 off, if the proofs are done by then. 

In this moment: I think it's time to bake holiday goodies for family. Or get on the yoga mat.  Che can wait until tomorrow.

What straddling does life have you doing these days?


  1. Hello! I followed your blog link from Heather's Hibernate course. Nice to see a fellow academic in the course and a little of your world. Hope your deadlines were met - I am currently facing a few myself and reeling a bit from the first week of teaching. I look forward to following your blog and hibernating together!

  2. Good to see you here! I just visited your blog too and completely get it. It's quite the juggle with family and academia. (And yes, I met my deadlines, but missed out on relaxing during break!)

  3. I wish there were a "like" button that didn't involve google. ;)