Friday, January 3, 2014

The Day After

I was supposed to work on page proofs all day, then take a plane to D.C. for a conference.  A storm came yesterday, and I pushed back my flight 'til tonight.  That got cancelled, too.  I took it (along with a bad back) as a sign to stay home.  And home I am.

Somehow, the page proofs didn't get done today.  Although this means more pressure to do them (they are due by Tuesday), it was a rather nice winter day.  Fire lit.  Girl out to play for a short while (I think she looks like she's flying in that third picture).  Cat watching girl, later cozied up on the radiator cover.  Books read. Applesauce made.  Hat started.  

Tomorrow, I swear, page proofs.  

What do you do when there's snow?

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