Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Little Piece of Heaven in My House

Behind the door...

Our new bathroom!

It's (nearly) done!  Well, there is still the radiant heating in the floor that has to be finished (thermostat didn't work, so we need a new one--that's the hole in the wall).  I also need to hang pictures.  But we've got a BRAND NEW TUB that is deep enough for a real bath, beautiful tile (who knew I could fall in love with tile?) on the shower surround and the floor. Lovely, bright coloring makes the room feel so much bigger.  And look at that light switch plate!  THREE different lights operated separately (in a room that's about 9 x 6), plus a fan that is relatively quiet!  And one of the really great parts: knowing that everything done behind those pretty walls was done properly.  We are just so pleased.

So of course, I celebrated by taking a bath.  I didn't even end up getting around to the book I had on hand.

It may not be my cozy cottage in Maine that I let go in October, but this bathroom has everything I need to pamper myself, and the only tub that can appease me for losing access to the claw foot tub in Maine.  

When we gave up the house in Maine, we did so needing to focus on and live in one place for a while.  This meant living more fully in this location--using our local farmers' market and health food store, using the library, etc.  It also meant making this house more of what we want.  The bathroom was a huge part of that for me, along with the major purging and organizing/painting that we undertook last summer and will complete this year.  

How do you make happy where you are?


  1. Play music. I keep forgetting how nice it is to have music on in the background.

  2. Yay for new bathtubs. Go YOU!!