Monday, April 7, 2014

Personal Day?

Today I took a personal day to catch up on work.  More precisely, to catch up on grading.  Most people--you know, normal people, not college professors--can't even wrap their heads around an idea like that.  But my colleagues can.  Some do the same, others refuse, but it makes sense to all of them that someone would do that.

It wasn't a "fun" day. But I am hugely relieved to have one major pile of grading done before starting to collect more tomorrow. From now through the end of the semester, it's just going to get more intense until it's finally over.  But this week, at least, I have a little breathing room.  

I also got to take a long walk in the morning and end my work day with an hour of yoga.  I hardly ever get to do all that on a weekday lately.

Today was, in essence, sanity day.  
(I'm trying not to think too much about how it might be my last sane day in a  month and a half...!)


  1. I hear you. I'm breathing now, as I'm enjoying a two-weeks Easter holiday. And then off for the last part of the year before summer. mid-May, you say? Then I'll be desperately drowning in uncorrected papers, exams to prepare and last-minute appointments with students. And I'll probably enjoy it somehow.

  2. Time off sounds nice--enjoy it! I get a bit crazy with the onslaught of teaching, committee work, and grading. But, I have to admit that I like my long summers for research time! (and, occasionally, life!)

  3. Oh, yes, I can absolutely sympathize. I brought a bag full of grading home that must be done by Monday afternoon ... the next two weeks are going to be intense. Good luck to us all!

    1. I hear you! Every semester I wonder how I'll do it, but I always do...