Thursday, April 10, 2014

This Week in My Kitchen: Simplicity

(Joining Heather for a kitchen blog hop)

It's been a week for simple foods in my kitchen:
  • seafood either broiled or grilled outside (I am a New Englander, after all--I like my seafood, and I like it cooked w/o smothering its flavor in sauce)
  • green veggies: steamed, or sauteed in a little oil
  • sweet potato oven fries with brown sugar and coriander (penultimate photo--being flipped)
  • easy work-night dinners
  • ...and last but not least: a husband who does dinner prep when work gets crazy for me (we've hit that point in the semester; I come up for air again in mid-May)
What simple foods do you love?


  1. I live on the coast of SC and am married to a man who loves seafood too, a staple in our home.
    Your roses are beautiful!

    1. Thanks! I decided recently that we're just going to *have to* have flowers on the table and candle light at dinner every night.

  2. oh delicious asparagus! seems like such a long time till it'll be in season again here. yum!

  3. Oh wow... those asparagus look so good. And that salad with cranberries... mmm! Thanks for sharing bits of your kitchen this week.

    1. One of my favorite salads! on arugula with goat cheese and either almonds or walnuts. With summer coming, though, I'll probably eat less of it til the weather cools again...

  4. I love the look of those greens, they make my mouth water. Thanks for letting us peep into your kitchen.