Tuesday, April 29, 2014

That Birthday Thing

(Hands down my favorite birthday card this year!)

Yesterday I turned 49.  I suppose that I am not what I expected to be at this age/time in my life.
  • I don't have a job at a research institution
  • I don't feel like I'm "old" (except when my legs stiffen up or my back goes out, and even then it seems out of synch with who I feel like I am)
  • I'm not married to a cool guy (I'm married to a sweet geek)
  • I don't have adult kids (I have a teen and a tween)
  • I'm not thin
  • I'm not stylish
  • I still feel like I'm always running to catch up with work
  • I'm not sure what step/s to take next in my yearning for a slower life 
But you know what?
  • I make a difference in college students' lives
  • With the exception of some physical changes, I really enjoy middle age (and have for a while, as is evident in this post)
  • My sweet geek has one of the best hearts of anyone I know, and he can make me laugh until I cry
  • I hold brains and values in higher esteem than looks
  • I'm earthy and eccentric/eclectic in my tastes
  • I'm learning to keep the work rush out of my soul
  • I'm learning to wait for the next step to be revealed
I guess that 49 isn't too bad after all.  I feel very lucky to be in the life and place that I am!

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