Thursday, August 14, 2014

In My Kitchen: Obsessions

(Joining the Kitchen Blog Hop again this week)

My current kitchen obsessions--or, more nicely put, eccentricities--are obvious in my pictures this week:
  • I've been eating home-made muesli every day.  
  • Herbs have taken the place of flowers on my tables and counters (here: peppermint on the table--automatic after dinner mint!)
  • Okay, not my obsession: Samuel and his cubes are all over the kitchen, every day.
  • The kids are doing well putting dishes away without complaint--but sometimes they leave the cabinet doors open, an aversion I've inherited from my mother (even though I thought her obsession with closed cabinet doors was soooo stupid when I was a kid. Maybe it's genetic and kicks in during adulthood.)
  • New favorite lunch: hummus, avocado, tomato, pea shoots, and red onion on sprouted grain bread.  Eating that almost as often as muesli.  
  • And, of course, jam.  I caved and made blueberry jam with large berries.  I was trying to hold out for wild ones, but we just aren't going to make it to Maine to get them.

What eccentricities are showing up in your kitchen?


  1. Oh I want that sandwich! I need new ways to serve up avocado. Yum!

    1. It's really, really good. I'm totally having another today.

  2. LOVE all your photos!! Especially all the canned blueberry jam jars!

  3. Everything looks delicious! I don't think they're eccentric!!!

  4. Thanks! I've long said that I got a PhD so that I could be considered eccentric instead of just plain crazy...!

  5. Wow... I love your pictures and the way you put it...
    I am adding you to my sidebar on my blog..
    I will be reading your blog fully...

  6. Well thank you, Mahek! I'm flattered!