Thursday, August 28, 2014

It's That Time of Year

In the past week, we have...

1) Bought new clothes and paper supplies for the kids.

2) cleaned the refrigerator and the kitchen floor (trust me,  you don't want "before" pictures.  Both were long overdue).

3) Met up with friends to watch the first episode of Season 8 of Dr. Who (and made Tardis-frosted brownies).

  4) Gone to Canobie Lake Park with the kids--where, oddly, we saw a rabbit.  And, less oddly, a sign for a bubbler (gotta love New England).

5) (I) bought a new Surface Pro and a new book bag--both with the aim of trimming the amount of weight I carry on my aging, aching back.  Plus, the bag is kind of stylish (at least, compared to the huge black one I was schlepping around).


  • I have spent a couple of days on campus in back-to-back meetings.
  • I plan to paint the half bathroom this weekend.
  • I'm trying to get in one last revision of my paper on Che, and starting to look at my Post Tenure Review narrative.

This can mean only one thing...summer is ending and the academic year is rapidly approaching.  It's time to get ready, and to finish up all those little projects that didn't get done over the summer.  

Time for a deep breath.

How's your transition from summer to fall going?


  1. Don't talk about kitchen floors... even I don't want to look at mine! I missed all the last series of Dr Who except one and Matt Smith is my favourite Dr Who so am dying to catch up with it all. I have great hopes for the new series though. Sounds like it was a fun the tardis brownies. It still feels like summer here. I'm trying to eek out every last bit of it.

  2. Deb, you have a valid excuse for your kitchen floor, having just bought an old house--no such luck here! I hear you about Dr. Who--I think Capaldi will be good, but the first Matt Smith episode with young Amelia Pond is hard to top! Must go see your blog now...!