Saturday, September 27, 2014

Through Her Eyes and By Her Hand

Her art shows ways that she is so unlike me--always drawing girls in high heels and makeup and fancy hair-dos.  But notice: those girls are hanging out in one picture in a coffee-and-ice cream bar, and in the other they are all curling up with books and desserts.  Both visions that I can firmly support!  Those two took her days to draw, and she added details constantly before they felt "done" to her. 

The last piece just happened this morning, I think all at once and rather quickly.  I don't know if you can tell very well from the picture, but it takes up an entire extra-large piece of construction paper.  It's just so very cool.  I'm thinking I'll ask for it in a frame as a home-made Hanukkah gift.

The world of her imagination, through her eyes and by her hand.  I hope she always embraces this originality, and that she may be forever nourished by creativity.  

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  1. I love the detail in these. They are so consistent too...the top two are almost like animations for a film or the . The last one would look great framed...It's really hard to draw on a big scale and get the proportions correct. Love the girl on the top of the bookcase.