Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New Dabbling

I've been meaning to try this for a while--making some of my own facial products.  So I looked up some recipes from this book, and gathered ingredients.  When a few quiet hours presented themselves Saturday evening, I took advantage of them to give a few recipes a try.  

And for the record, I was absolutely positively not avoiding my grading.  (Okay, even I don't believe that...)

It was fun, and pretty easy.  I didn't try to make a lotion or cream yet, as that will be more involved and tricky.  I'm still getting used to them, seeing if my skin accepts them or not.  I'm hopeful that they will become a regular thing (I do so like home made, and I far prefer to know what is going in/on my body than to buy pre-made).  We'll see.  I tried oil cleansing last year, but my skin hated it and broke out, so I'm trying to observe carefully.  So far I'm not used to the kind of "sticky" feel I sometimes have on my skin with some of these products, but I'm optimistic.  

Anya, however, is not pleased because she says I don't smell like me.  Ah, my primal child.  Even at almost 10 years old, Anya is the most instinctive person I know.  

What new things are you trying lately?


  1. This is something that I have wanted to do for ages too and plan to do so as soon as there is a bit more order in my kitchen and my life. It's encouraging that you found the experience easy just a shame about the break out. I've just been looking for the recipe for a natural face mask that I have with honey, gram (chick pea flower) and turmeric but couldn't find it. As soon as I do I will share it with you Erin. I seem to remember that it makes my skin feel very soft and silky. Like you I have sensative skin so hopefully it wouldn't result in any problems for you.
    Thanks for sharing.
    New things? Everything is new to me hear so lots and lots of fresh experiences including lighting fires.

  2. ooh please excuse all the spelling mistakes...