Friday, November 7, 2014

Genius...or Evil?

To the tune of "Jingle Bells":

Helping verbs, helping verbs--there are 23
Am, is, are
Was and were
Being, been, and be!
Has, have, had,
Do, did, does
Shall, should, will, and would!
There are 5 more helping verbs...

May, might, must, can, and could!

Anya's been singing it around the house, constantly, for the past couple of days.  Her teacher is either a genius (getting her to remember helping verbs) or completely evil (driving me up a wall with this song).

Then again, these are not mutually exclusive. She just might be an evil genius, and I could respect that.


  1. I know, it really is kind of hilarious...even though she drove me nuts for days.