Sunday, November 16, 2014

Just Sunday, in Fall

It's the little things that remind us that life is good, yes?  There was nothing terribly special about this day, and yet so many things today reminded me to be grateful.

Anya, as usual, was my guide.  At home together while Sam was out (with his Dad in tow) at a karate tournament, she set the agenda.  (Okay, she set the agenda after I insisted on taking time to drink coffee.)  First up: making peanut butter cookies to celebrate her big brother's tournament day--a longstanding tradition is to cheer him loudly whether he placed or not.  Food is sometimes involved.  Second: raking leaves into a huge pile so that she could jump in them.  I didn't think I wanted to do this, but I've gotta say--it was nice to be out in the fresh November air, it got some of the raking out of the way, and it was fun to watch her play in the leaves.

And then Sam (who doesn't let me take pictures of him these days): that boy who was pleased with how he did at the tournament, even though he didn't place.  This same boy--turning into a man before my eyes these days--has recently decided which high school he is going to go to next year (we have two).  His choice was clear, intuitive, and based on a quieter focus on the teacher-student relationship with the school he chose.  The most impressive part?  He made this choice even though he is under the impression that most of his current friends will go to the other high school.  

The day included other things--some necessary work, review of a film I'll be showing in class, cooking.  A walk in the morning.  Really, nothing out of the ordinary.

And yet, it felt extraordinarily good. (If only Monday didn't have to come...!)

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