Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This Day: Ordinary Beauty and Joy

I spent the vast majority of my day doing important but exhausting administrative work.  By the end of it, my body and mind were tight.  And yet, even on this day full of too much work, I am grateful for so many ordinary, beautiful, joyful things:
  • A great parent-teacher conference with Anya's teacher/s.  As expected, she's an ordinary, great kid who's doing just fine. Thriving, really.
  • Coffee out with Howard.  Sanity-saving.
  • While at coffee: working on a new, simple knitted hat in colors that I am loving.
  • Noticing the deep purple of blueberry jam in afternoon light.
  • 20 minutes of yoga to mark the end of the work day.
  • Simple, delicious food for dinner that felt healing.
  • Seeing a dear friend's wonderful piece on chimps in print!
  • Listening to favorite music while doing the dinner dishes
  • home-made chai this evening.
I think it's now time to let go of all of it and just relax...

What keeps you going on an insanely busy day?

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