Monday, January 26, 2015


Last week, Sam got a new tank for his fish, Paul.  This bigger tank makes Paul more visible from across the room...and Toonces has become obsessed with watching him whenever he catches her eye. She starts by staring from a distance, runs over and watches from the desk chair, and eventually ends up on the desk in front of the tank as pictured above.  

Dreams of fish for dinner.  Sam finds it very disturbing and pulls her away claiming that she's freaking Paul out.  


  1. How can you argue with Sam? Poor Paul.

  2. I love that Sam's fish is called 'Paul.' My husband is Iranian and for Persian New Year in spring it's customary buy some live fish that are usually released back into the river afterwards. Once year somebody rescued some that hadn't been looked after very well and we ended up adopting them. That was until the scene from Amelie kept happening when her fish kept doing a suicidal jump out of the bowl...I kept finding one on the table. Fortunately each time I managed to rescue him just in time. Probably our tank wasn't as lovely and comfortable or big as Paul's. I hated it, so we released them into next door's garden pond. Paul looks safe and sound in his lovely world. It's amazing how I missed those two little tiddlers once they'd gone...