Tuesday, January 13, 2015

When Pi Goes Bad

So, having a math-inclined child, I of course opted to buy him a Pi t-shirt for Hanukkah.  The first 100 digits of Pi written out to make its symbol.  Black. The boy likes black t-shirts.  Easy-peasy.

The problem?  Take a look and see if you notice.

Yup...it's wrong.  Even I knew that Pi starts 3.1415.  Later I found out that it is also missing a 1 between the 7 and the 6 on the second row.  Geesh! (Okay, I didn't know that second one, but still: geesh!)

What's a mother to do?  Well, of course I ordered another. Navy, to see if it would make a difference.  It did!  Pi righted.  But he decided to keep the bad pi as well. I think he kind of enjoys seeing how many people notice that it's wrong.

Life, with geek (that's a term of endearment and a compliment in my house, by the way).

PS: Sam just read the blog post over my shoulder. When I asked if he was done, his answer was:  "I'm Schrodinger's Son. I might be done, I might not." Heavens, I do love this boy.

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