Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

(Today’s art is from Anya, who loves all things with hearts and swirls!)

On Valentine’s Day, it seems only right to take stock of some of the things I love and cherish about my husband, from the mundane to the silly to the serious.

Let’s see…there are two reasons that I tell everyone:
1.      He can, on occasion, make me laugh until I cry.
2.      He does the laundry.
Other reasons are:
3.      He grew a beard for me.
4.      He came up with an elaborate end-of-the-world escape plan the involved duct taping garbage cans together into an escape pod (are you beginning to see where the boy gets it from?).
5.      He rants about politics with me. 
6.      He’s cynical enough to be fun, but thoughtful enough not to lose his soul altogether.
7.      He likes books like How to Be a Villain and Life’s Little Destruction Book.
8.      He was willing to have a wedding with only 27 people in attendance.
9.      He “gets” how I feel about my work (the whole love-hate thing).
10.  He would drive me to see my Dad any time I wanted, on a minute’s notice, when my Dad was dying.
11.  He had the courage to face his truth.

Did I mention that he does the laundry???

I love you, Howard.

On this Valentine’s Day, how can you appreciate the people you love most?

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