Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Proud Parenting Moment

So, this is the source of my parental pride today.  A creation by this bright, imaginative, and slightly twisted boy of mine.  Wouldn't trade him in for anything.

(love the "shiver" references with this first one)

Okay, so his spelling isn't perfect, but clearly he's listening at school (about trees making oxygen, about how the dinosaurs became extinct).  I'm afraid that I must admit that the super villain talk is partly learned at home!  Villains are, after all, more fun than heroes.  

Addendum: Last night at dinner, Howard asked Samuel how things went with a placement test he took for a special school program.  When Howard asked whether Samuel finished first, last, or in the middle, Samuel replied: "I was the penultimate one."  Egads, I love this boy!


  1. you were right that did make me smile - I like his creative drawing with the enlarged lettering over the magnifier - he is an awesome & creative boy