Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers' Day

(Yes, I know: a photo of roses, not dandelions.  Just because I sing the praises of dandelions doesn't mean that I dislike roses--especially the less presumptuous spray roses pictured here.)

Today was a difficult day all around, particularly with the kids.  But, that's what parenting is sometimes. 

Despite this: On Mothers’ Day, I celebrate and thank the mothers who have shaped me as a person and/or helped me to be the best mother that I can be. 

First and foremost: my own mother, whose strength, bottomless love, moral compass, generosity, and humor have influenced my life in countless ways.

And, in no particular order:

Karin: who encouraged me when I struggled so as a new mother.

Ellen: who was my lifeline when I tried motherhood for the second time.

Caroline: who helps make balancing motherhood and work more tolerable.

Kate: who saw me through nursing Anya and believed in me every step of the way.

Beth: who helped me to see that I am a “good enough” mother.

Robyn: who reminded me that our children are meant to teach us lessons. 

Gabriela: who shares my humor, frustration, and commitment to finding a balance between scholarship and motherhood.

Kristina: whose joys and frustrations with her kids remind me that my kids making me crazy all the time is normal. 

Catharine G., Susan C., and Nancy T: who not only help me keep Samuel healthy, but who continually boost my confidence that I am doing a good job with him, too. 

Nancy: who knew I could do it if I found my own way to mothering. 

Jennie: whose love of mothering and reflections on life have inspired me. 

My sisters—Kaethi, Chris, and Pat: who taught me by example that good mothers are generous without having to be perfect all the time. 

To these amazing women, and to many more who have influenced and inspired me over the years: thank you.

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