Friday, May 27, 2011

The Good, the Bad, the Baffling

Marc and I spent all day Tuesday in used bookstores.  It was an absolute treasure trove.  I got 23 books for under $70.  (Much better than the $100 I spent on 6 books at a first run bookstore).  Going to a bookstore with another book geek is the BEST.  We spent over an hour in each store, going through shelves systematically, pointing things out to each other, arguing over who would get a few volumes.  It’s good to be with someone else who is prone to sit cross-legged in front of a stack of books. 

(The two books, sideways, on top are for Nicola.)

While in one of these bookstores, I found several (over a dozen)copies of the journal Revista Juridico-Literaria from the early 20th century…which has some great essays on BOTH indigenous AND gender issues in the liberal period.  What a bargain.  I didn’t buy them, but I think I’ll be heading back for them soon.

In a momentary lapse of vigilance at lunch on Wednesday, my bag got stolen…and my camera was in it.  Yeah, the camera that I use for the blog.  More importantly, the camera that I use to take images of documents.  So, I now have a new, not as good, camera.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that it works out okay in the archives. 

Really, I am usually more careful.  And I was smart enough not to have anything even more valuable in there.  And lucky that it was a simple sneak theft. 

I also have a terrible head cold.  That stinks. 

THE GOOD WITHIN THE BAD: That Marc was a complete mensch and helped me out with every aspect of the theft (including getting said replacement camera) for the rest of the day.  Thanks yet again, Marc!

How to deal with protocol in Ecuador.  Marc and I visited a private-ish archive (in someone’s home) and, after a lovely chat, were told to call about coming back later.  We got in for a few hours two days later...but aren't sure how much work we'll be able to do there, or how to discuss it.  Navigating these things is beyond my abilities, but try I must, because this set of documents could be amazing for my new work.

What baffles you? 

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  1. sorry to hear about your bag being heisted. I am grateful you had someone there though as being alone and having that happen so early on the trip would have been much worse.
    looking forward to more updates...