Friday, June 3, 2011

Fog, Inside and Out

I'm not getting enough sleep lately, and this morning, Quito matched my state of mind:

I actually find fog quite beautiful.  Granted, it's most beautiful at the ocean back home, or in the paramo (high altitude lands) here...but there's something that's vaguely mysterious about fog that I just love.

Later, in the afternoon, we got a massive rain and hail storm that lasted...close to 1/2 hour, probably.  Had to wait around to walk home from the conference. 

In other news: the LASA Quito Ecuentro went well overall.  I got to meet new people, catch up with a few I already knew, and hear some good talks.  More book review contacts.  And my own presentation went fine.  Can't really ask for more than that.  I didn't even buy too many more books!

But, a loooooong and lonely weekend awaits me here in Quito.  Time to pull out the work, novels, and knitting to pass the time.  And, on Monday, it's back to archives to start research in earnest (only having about 3 weeks to do so!  yikes).  Quite overwhelming.

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