Sunday, June 12, 2011

Observations in Avoidance of Work

So, on this rather long and empty Sunday in Quito, I find myeslf needing to work--and resisting it.  For a break, here are a few observations:

1) Still concerned about how I'm getting all these books home:

2) Puzzled by water in Quito:

The bottle on the left I got in a restaurant, and it cost $1.30

The bottle on the right I got outside the archive, and it cost 40 cents.

Better yet: this 6 litre bottle cost about $1.20.  ????  I don't get it either.

Another Quito thing: parquet floors in apartments.  I guess I don't mind them completely, but it's annoying when some of the little pieces start rattling and coming out of place.

Quito also smells of over-polished floors.  I have to be careful whenever I walk around my apartment in socks.

What do you notice when you are avoiding work?

1 comment:

  1. I usually see the inside of my eyelids when I am avoiding work. Yes. Sweet, sweet sleep.

    And, there will be plenty of room to bring home the books. I am leaving you with the kids.