Monday, May 2, 2011

Just Dandy

Springtime is in full swing.  There are tulips everywhere, and the tree on our corner is flowering and lovely. 

I love all that.  But what I love most of all…are the dandelions. 

They are everywhere now—blanketing lawns and pushing their way through dirt piles and sidewalks.  They are more than “just weeds.”  Dandelions are bright and tenacious and cheerful and ordinary.  They are the first “flower bouquets” that most of us bring to our mothers when we are little.  They are reliable and enduring.  They are ubiquitous. 

They are spring. 

Roses are beautiful, but they are delicate and rare and fragile.  Give me dandelions—constant reminders of spring and beauty, easy to find anywhere, even in the ugliest place or on the most difficult day. 

What ordinary beauty moves you?

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