Friday, March 13, 2015

Accounting for Time

It's been Spring Break this week.

Here's what I didn't do--I didn't grade much:
(finally forced myself to do a little this morning)

I did watch the snow melt--I can even see part of the deck now! (don't look at how I never emptied herb pots last fall...) 

I did eat vegan, and lots more green food: 

I did do a lot of cooking and baking and drinking of tea:

(I bought this mini Cuisinart a few weeks ago--I thought it might be a waste, but I am loving it)

I did spend some time with the cat...including watching her attack an apron in the kitchen this afternoon: 

I did also do work...just not much grading.

Break is almost over and I feel like I don't know where the time went (again--it's like this for every break, long or short).  At least I took a few photos along the way to remind me that it did, in fact, happen.

Deep breaths.  Eight more weeks of madness to come!

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