Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pi/e on 3/14/15

It was Pi Day yesterday--a special year (3.1415 and all).  So, we had a Pi/e party with friends.

There was a jumbo Pizza Pi/e:

And butterscotch Pi/e:

And there were several other pi/es to be had--including three different chocolate pi/es!  (And two apple, and one blueberry and one strawberry):

On the savory side, there was a vegan Shepherd's Pi/e--and also a chicken pot Pi/e that was completely eaten before I got back into the kitchen with my camera.

It was a good, relaxed time.  No one batted an eye that I didn't have alcohol out.  Everyone hung around and chatted about life, geek t-shirts, work, kids, hopes for spring, etc.  

I'm hoping that my daughter (seen here with the carnage--I mean, leftovers) noticed that the two mathematicians who came are both women.  Her favorite thing lately is division.  

Maybe I'm slightly better at this party thing than I thought I was. Or maybe I just had my tribe in the house last night.  

And you? Did you celebrate Pi Day?  It won't be this big a deal again for 100 years!


  1. love it...we missed it...but we were discussing slide rules at a birthday champagne tea with neighbours the other evening...Almost as geeky...

    1. Slide rules are just wickedly cool, aren't they?