Sunday, March 1, 2015


One of the benefits of being a person who doesn't like the noise of family crowds (and every gathering in my family involves a true crowd) is that I do not experience the "over-indulgence" problem with rich foods for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We definitely celebrate with food, my little family of four, but without the noise and distraction that leads to the usual overload.  My winter break is a time when I feel light--not only because of the relief from the semester ending, but also because it is a time of quiet in which I balance meals with exercise, rest with family activities.

But this weekend the heaviness came, out of nowhere and fairly unexpectedly. Pizza and cake for Anya's birthday party yesterday. Belgian waffles and muffins and breads at first Sunday brunch today--the new waffle maker was a huge hit.  My kitchen is full of the remains of carbohydrate overload (plus a few strawberries waiting for those leftover waffles in the freezer). I feel myself weighted down, dragging in a way that many experience around New Year's day.  

But, like winter party goers, I also feel filled up with love and laughter and gratitude for the wonderful people in my life. Yesterday my daughter spent an entire afternoon celebrating her birthday with her friends, and she dined on homemade cake that was as filled with love as it was with chocolate. Today we brunched on dense foods with good friends and celebrated the miracle of surviving this snowy February.  Our children played together as we talked of work and life, and as we discussed plans made in hopes that one day we would see green grass again. 

I definitely need lots of light, green foods this week.  Not only to recover from the decadence of the weekend, but also to try to call spring into being, if only in my body.  

P.S. While Howard and I were lounging (much like beached whales) and talking about the day, Anya settled in with us, wrapped herself in a blanket, and said "There is no freedom. There is only paradox."  Ummm...yeah. She's 10.  I'm in soooo much trouble when she hits her teen years...

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