Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dream House

One day in Ecuador, the kids actually spent a long (and happy) time drawing floor plans for their dream houses.  Sam's looked like this:

His dream house includes a pool, an arcade, a game room (for card and board games), a library, a theater, and a bowling alley.  He says he is going to have servants to do everything.

Here are pieces of Anya's floor plan--it's a little harder to read:

Anya's floor plan includes a great guest room for me, most of the stuff that Samuel put into his floor plan, plus a bat cave in the attic and a doughnut shop (but I'm not sure which floor that was on). 

Howard says that his dream house includes a great movie theater room and many secret passages. 

Mine?  Of course, I can't settle on one.  On the one hand, I dream of a great victorian-style house with a huge library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, a library ladder, and comfy reading chairs.  This dream house would have a beautiful, big, and functional kitchen, and lots of cozy places to sit (including a window seat somewhere).  On the other hand, I have always dreamed of a little cottage to myself: simple but comfortable, not big or fancy but well equipped.  Just enough room for me to live, work, create.  Either in the woods or near the ocean.

Screened porch is required in either dream house.  And a deep, cast iron tub (not big, but deep for soaking). 

I love my house, and it suits us well...but, there is always the dream house.  Or houses, in my case.

What's your dream house look like?

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  1. You forgot to mention I had to pay the $1 a week for the carmel pop corn in Samuel's house whereas you get everything for free :)

    The cottage can be your little retreat from the victorian when you need it. Of course I still have the underground room that is connected to one of the secret passages (from the bathroom) where we can all live comfortably when the government finally screws it all up!