Saturday, July 2, 2011

More Kid Art

As an unreasonably proud parent, I can't help but share a bit more of the latest kid art.  I find their artistic development fascinating, probaby because it reflects both their creative and cognitive advancements. 

For some reason, Anya is currently fascinated with Medusa (probably due to some movie she's recently watched):

But, she still has her sweet side, as is evident in this drawing she did of Samuel:

For the boy's part, it's been mostly monster drawings, because he brought a "how to draw 50 monsters" book to Quito with him.  He's been giving them as gifts, with nifty new names.  First is Feodor the Dwarf, given to Anya:

For me...a special request: Demon from the Second Planet Circling Sirius.  I find it both adorable and vicious.  Ah, my poor children: they don't stand a chance, do they? 

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